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    High School Football Chipotle Night

    Tuesday Night Lights at Podvin

    Tuesday Night Light at Podvin

    COVID Donations


    Per our note on accepting donations for our unexpected COVID expenses, including face shields, we are accepting donations through the button, below.

    Thank You!


    Proper Helmet and Face Shield Cleaning


    We wanted to share information that we received from helmet and face shield manufacturer, Schutt.  They have advised us that the best way to clean helmets and face shields is through soap and water and not to use bleach or other chemical cleaners .



    Season is a go! Housekeeping items

    We have heard from both leagues we play in, Forest Lake for 4th-6th and North Suburban for 7th-8th, that Youth Football has been cleared to play for the 2020 season by the Minnesota Department of Health!  We will be moving forward under our COVID policy and plan.


    As we continue to move forward with the season, there are a few housekeeping items we need everyone to take care of, if you haven't already, to go forward with the season.


    1. COVID Waiver (new) - please review and acknowledge/accept our COVID policy and waiver for the season. This is a requirement for all players and coaches and you will be unable to practice or participate in games until you sign the waiver.  You can find the waiver at this link 


    2. Season Payment (reminder) - final payment, whether you are paying a single payment or two 50% payments, is due this Wednesday, August 12th.  You will be unable to start practice if you have not at least paid 50% of your invoice by the start of practice.  If you can’t find your invoice, are not planning on playing or have questions about payment, please contact Brian Sauer at


    3. 4th-6th Grade Weigh-In (reminder) - if you are a player in grades 4th-6th who has not yet weighed in, there will be a final make-up session this Wednesday, August 12th, at Podvin Park from 6:00PM-7:00PM.  If you do not get weighed by WBYF, you will not be able to carry the ball, even if under the ball carrying limit.

    2020 WBYF COVID Policy

    Updated 8/20/2020


    Please find, in below link, our full 2020 COVID Policy.

    We will be sending out a special registration soon that asks all players to sign a COVID Waiver, which will be a requirement to participate in this year's season.


    WBYF Important Dates

    WBYF Important Dates

    WBYF Gear

    We have been receiving a number of questions about what gear your player will need for the season.  Here is a the list of gear you'll want to get for your player:

    Helmet - White

    Pants - Black (if you already have white, that works as well, no need to buy new pants, but if you do buy new pants, buy black)

    Shoulder Pads

    Practice Jersey

    Mouth Guard

    Football Cleats

    Other gear such as gloves are completely optional.  

    White Bear Youth Football recommends you check out our partner Revolution Sports in Vadnais Heights, who is putting together an equipment package for WBYF players.  You can discuss the staff at Revolution at one of the upcoming weigh ins they are hosting. 

    2020 WBYF COVID Refund Policy

    We have crafted the following refund policy to provide transparency and communicate how we plan on handling refunds in the event we are unable to play this season.

    Thank you for your patience as we all work through these uncertain times.  Our goal is to play football, but in the event we can not, we would strive to refund you all money possible after taking out expenses we have already had to commit to, such as jerseys once we issue them with names.

    Click on the document link, below, for details.

    Thank you!

    2020 White Bear Youth Football Sponsors

    These local businesses have generously signed up to be a sponsor for White Bear Youth Football during the 2020 season. If you know any of them, send some business their way and tell them thank you!

    1. 1 of 8
    2. 2 of 8
    3. 3 of 8
    4. 4 of 8
    5. 5 of 8
    6. 6 of 8
    7. 7 of 8
    8. 8 of 8

    2019 Parent and Fan Code of Conduct

    The development of character, sportsmanship, and knowledge of their sport are the goals of any amateur sports program. Our children learn from our examples, and we as parents need to exemplify the highest level of sportsmanship by supporting all players, coaches, and referees. 

    Please review our full Parent and Fan Code of Conduct for a complete view of your important role supporting your player grow and learn the sport of Football.

    2019 Player's Code of Conduct

    Win or lose, every player has a responsibility to their team and to the sport to conduct themselves with good sportsmanship.  

    Please take time to have your player review these expectations and please help to reinforce the Player's Code of Conduct.

    Board Meetings Resuming outdoors

    The White Bear Youth Football Association will be re-starting board meetings with the June Board Meeting, details below.

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