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White Bear Youth Football

Our Mission - The White Bear Youth Football Association aims to build and maintain a united community committed to building character and resilience in it's youth through the game of football.

Our Culture "The Lake, The Bear, The Ball!"

  1. The Lake (Unity)
    • Unity = Regardless of where you come from, what you look like, or the circumstances life has thrown at you or your family, we ALL TOUCH THE LAKE. North side, south, east or west, the shores of White Bear Lake unite us all. When we engage in youth football with this mentality, nothing can divide us.
  2. The Bear (Culture) 
    •  Culture = "Be a B.E.A.R.!" From Kindergarten through 12th grade, all athletes, their families, coaches and everyone in between have a clear understanding of what it means to "Be a B.E.A.R.". If one is a true B.E.A.R., they are on "Built on Effort Attitude and Resilience." When we walk and talk like a B.E.A.R., no matter the circumstance of any game, at any level, all athletes, their families and our community win. This is how WE do things in White Bear Youth Football.
  3. The Ball (Fun)
    • Fun = If WE make football fun for our athletes, they'll want to continue to play. If they want to continue to play, they'll have the opportunity to continue to build relationships, character, and positive memories that will set them up for success the rest of their lives. White Bear Youth Football will strive to win games, while also making football fun for as many players as possible.

Our History - The White Bear Youth Football Association was established in 1983 and is registered with the State of Minnesota as an independent non-profit organization offered in cooperation with the White Bear Lake Area School District Community Services/Recreation Department. We operate solely on donations, sponsor fees, player registration fees, and private contributions. While contributions are important, the time and effort devoted to the organization by board members, coaches, and many parents has contributed to our success.

In our beginning, many youth football programs were surveyed throughout the metropolitan area as well as nationwide. Our present program was developed from the best portions of all these programs. With support from the City of White Bear Lake, White Bear Lake Area School District Community Services/Recreation Department, and many volunteers, we have evolved to include two lighted fields, a concession stand, certified referees and increased player participation.

When a young person joins a football squad, they join a youth group that is striving for positive values in excellence, achievement and teamwork. Football teaches the importance of unselfishness when striving to attain a group goal. In what other sport are there so many players who never touch the ball and without whose unselfish efforts no team goal is possible? Ask anyone who has ever played "in the pits". Football promotes physical and mental fitness, good sportsmanship and teamwork. It is the only sport that demands eleven players know their responsibility as an individual and execute assignments at precisely the same time.