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to the on-line home of White Bear Youth Football. Proud to be teaching the youth of the White Bear Lake area tackle football since 1983.


Grades and Levels

WBYF Team Formation Policy

Teams are formed around the neighborhood concept - as much as possible - except in the case of late registration. Boundaries are different for each grade level and WILL VARY FROM YEAR TO YEAR. That means you may have different coaches and teammates from year to year. A player who registers after the official registration period ends will be assigned to the team with the least number of players at the time of their registration regardless of geographic location. No roster changes are allowed.

Teams are selected once registration closes in the following manner:
1) Number of players on a team
2) Address

A head coach's child is the only protected player on the roster. This does not apply to assistant coaches unless the Board of Directors assigns them to the team.

Requests for coaches and/or teammates will not be considered in the formation of teams.